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  • Rekanext Leadership

    Our partners have amassed years of experience in private, public sectors and across industries. With deep expertise and extensive networks of relationships especially in Asia, we work with startup founders in growing ventures into successful and sustainable businesses.

    Prof. Yaacob Ibrahim

    Akbar Kader

    Azmoon Ahmad

    Wahab Yusoff

    Zhulkarnain Rahim

  • Portfolio

    Startups shaping Southeast Asia



    Made by Vietnamese for Vietnamese, Lozi offers the most effective distribution networks in Vietnam, filling the massive demand for immediate deliveries in a bustling and modern life, with a wide range of services. Lozi now has a fleet of more than 50,000 drivers and 200,000 merchants, serving almost 1,500,000 customers across four big cities of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Can Tho – all dedicated to fulfilling the Vietnamese consumers’ one-hour delivery needs

    Xjera Labs


    .Xjera Labs develops AI based Image and Video Analytics (VA) solutions for various security and commercial applications. Xjera’s technology has been tested and proven to surpass even those of multinational companies in accuracy, high-level customization, and robust security



    MicroSec is building the world’s first enterprise grade security software and management for IoT and sensor networks providing communication security and device authentication targeted at IOT devices covering the full aspect of security from sensor nodes to gateways and data-centres providing authentication and encryption protocols.

    iGrow Asia


    iGrow addresses issues of land underutilization and food security. As a platform, it matches farmers and investors to produce high-quality organic crops over under-utilized land. Based out of Indonesia, iGrow is the leading agri-tech startup enhancing rural economic potential and enable investors, from the growing middle-income segment, to partake in social good initiatives while getting a return on investments. iGrow has benefitted thousands of farmers and has operations across Indonesia!


    Malaysia & Indonesia

    Avana empowers micro enterprises via social commerce in Southeast Asia. It allows everyone to sell online through multiple channels (i.e. social media and mobile commerce application). In doing so, Avana simplifies the selling and buying process while helping online sellers to have an efficient platform for stock management, tracking of SKUs, and reporting thus removing the friction of buying from online sellers.



    Qiscus is Indonesia's cloud communication platform as a service (PaaS) company that allows Indonesian enterprises to deliver fully-branded conversation experiences across mobile, social, and web driving sales across end customers. The platform also delivers amazing support and increase communication within any business operation via the Qiscus chat SDK and messaging API in a highly secure framework.



    Datavis offers digital architecture as service (PaaS) - empowering and enabling corporate to build custom data-driven solutions or create business objectives' specific pipelines within existing architecture, It's proprietary modular platform and bleeding edge technological capabilities supports enterprise digital transformation initiatives. They do so by pulling rich insights and analytics from existing data, build sophisticated application-specific solutions, offers unprecedented ability to automate workflows and bring together all the data to perform in a single cohesive environment.

    VR Collab

    Singapore & China

    VRcollab redefines collaboration and design coordination in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Industry. Through its revolutionary virtual reality technology that automatically converts BIM (Building Information Models) into Virtual Reality, the conversion is done with accuracy and speed (approx. 4GB BIM converted in 7 Minutes). VRcollab’s expertise in software development and computer graphics further enhances the usability of multiple use-cases.



    Halofina is an Indonesian AI personal financial planning assistant application or robo-advisory that helps millennials to manage their personal finances and develop investment strategies according to their financial abilities. Halofina develops core features from planning goals, calculating investment needs, choosing instruments or investment products that are appropriate, to providing progress reports on investment portfolios in real time.


    Singapore, New Zealand & Indonesia

    Postr is the global leading sponsored rewards platform for the telco industry. Postr is an application that brings personalised and rewarding content to users. The application brings customised content feeds and personalised advertisement with engagement mechanisms to user's lock screens and rewards users with Pocket Money (for hosting ads), which can be cashed out to their bank account, exchanged for deals or donated to charity. Postr provides full analytics and unmatched targeting options to advertisers and takes their message where it matters most – into their audiences' pocket.



    Scantist builds upon their deep scientific expertise and extensive research-base to create vulnerability management solutions that help organizations better navigate the ever-changing cyber-security landscape. Scantist’s tools scan every line of the application’s code and binary, unlike their competitors who only scan at the function or file level – leading to an unparalleled scan granularity. The Scantist team comprises PhDs and researchers with expertise in cybersecurity, machine learning and artificial intelligence.



    Seppure offers membrane-based solution for sustainable food, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical manufacturing. Specifically, the company's technology revolutionise chemical separation and purification by creating a chemically resistant nano-filter that does not use heat and separates chemicals at a molecular level. It's filtration process with chemically resistant membranes enables chemical separations at a molecular level without heat thus reducing the energy consumption of thermally-based chemical separations by at least 10X and produces higher quality products for vegetable oil, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical industries.

  • News

    Our recent features and portfolios

    Xjera featured in The Straits Times for winning the Emerging Enterprise Award 2019 by OCBC Bank.

    Lozi's Serie B+ funding with investors from Singapore and the Middle East featured.

    Halofina's recent investment led by Mandiri Capital covered in The Jakarta Post.

    Microsec Series A round led by US-based VC firms featured, highlights unique technology.

    Scantist selected Top 3 out of ~600 global tech companies by Huawei in it's Spark Program.

    Seppure's CEO won Innovator of the Year by SBR and MIT TR for revolutionary technology.

    Qiscus grew 3X despite Covid-19 becoming the leading Indonesian C-PAAS platform

    Celcom extends its reach to Malaysian SMEs in strategic partnership with Avana.