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      Growing and scaling technology startups in Southeast Asia.



      We invest at the Pre-Series A and Early Stage phases of the startup's growth.



      We focus on regionalising startups across ASEAN through our experiences and network.



      We support startups to build structures and competencies to scale into regional players.



      Startup is the lone journey less taken. In this journey, we walk with you as partners. #YNWA


      We are a Singapore based VC Fund.


      We spend a lot of time in Indonesia!


      We call Manila home.


      We believe in the fertility of the Mekong.

    • Rekanext Team

      Our partners have amassed years of experience in private, public sectors and across industries. With deep expertise and extensive networks of relationships especially in Asia, we work with startup founders in growing ventures into successful and sustainable businesses.

      Akbar Kader

      Founding Partner

      Alwi Hafiz

      Founding Partner

      Ambar Machfoedy

      Managing Partner

      Azmoon Ahmad

      Founding Partner

      Inderjit Singh

      Venture Partner

      Kelvin Chin

      Venture Partner

      Khairu Rejal

      Managing Partner

      Dr Tan Guan Hong

      Technology Partner

      Vincent Oh

      Venture Partner

      Wahab Yusoff

      Founding Partner

      Zhulkarnain Rahim

      Founding Partner

    • Portfolio

      Startups shaping Southeast Asia



      Lozi is Vietnam's leading C2C mobile lifestyle and trading platform. It connects and brings together mobile users of similar lifestyles. Lozi is highly popular with the millennials in Vietnam.

      Xjera Labs


      .Xjera Labs develops AI based Image and Video Analytics (VA) solutions for various security and commercial applications. Xjera’s technology has been tested and proven to surpass even those of multinational companies in accuracy, high-level customization, and robust security



      MicroSec is building the world’s first enterprise grade security software and management for IoT and sensor networks providing communication security and device authentication targeted at IOT devices covering the full aspect of security from sensor nodes to gateways and data-centres providing authentication and encryption protocols.

      iGrow Asia


      iGrow addresses issues of land underutilization and food security. As a platform, it matches farmers and investors to produce high-quality organic crops over under-utilized land. Based out of Indonesia, iGrow is the leading agri-tech startup enhancing rural economic potential and enable investors, from the growing middle-income segment, to partake in social good initiatives while getting a return on investments. iGrow has benefitted thousands of farmers and has operations across Indonesia!


      Malaysia & Indonesia

      Avana empowers micro enterprises via social commerce in Southeast Asia. It allows everyone to sell online through multiple channels (i.e. social media and mobile commerce application). In doing so, Avana simplifies the selling and buying process while helping online sellers to have an efficient platform for stock management, tracking of SKUs, and reporting thus removing the friction of buying from online sellers.